Various Artists
20130511 De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea
Editions Mego
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Limited Compilation CD previously only available to ticket holders of the live event in De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea [UK] on May 11th, 2013.

For almost 20 years the Austrian based Editions Mego label (initially Mego) has been at the forefront of radical electronic music, carving out new forms on an unfathomably regular basis.
A solid historical grounding along with the vision of a new utopia has seen an endless stream of innovation amongst it's countless releases over the past two decades. Incorporating numerous genres and movements that have appeared over the years; electroacoustic, musique concrete, industrial, noise and techno along with the now patented 'extreme computer music', Editions Mego has never been one to rest on it's laurels, continually exploring the multifarious threads of past, present and potential futures of electronic music.

20130511 Editions Mego is the largest live assemblage of the Editions Mego aesthetic to date. Presented at the astonishing De La Warr Pavilion (one of the first major modernist buildings in Britain, located on the East Sussex coast and built in 1935), this is an event that will showcase generations of electronic music practice whilst remaining suitably restless to sit within a quantifiable form.

CD track listing:

  1. Robert Hampson: Quelque chose dans l'air
  2. Fennesz: The Liar
  3. Locust: Roads
  4. Mark Fell: Add To Cart
  5. Russell Haswell: Phase Rave/nO!se Tempophon/Ambient Phase
  6. Bruce Gilbert: HA8
  7. Kevin Drumm: The Dead Came Back Riding Schwinn's
  8. Kassel Jaeger: Obstructions
  9. Billy Roisz: Hydrox
  10. Hecker: Word - Gammatone - Muse - Dual Channel Pulse Source