Switched On Volumes 1–5
8CD Box Set
Cardboard sleeves, 12-page booklet, clamshell box w/ foil block
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1Doubt 3:22
2Au Grand Jour' 3:24
3Brittle 3:43
4Au Grand Jour 3:38
5The Light That Will Cease To Fail 3:24
6Changer 4:52
7Harmonium 5:55
8Lo Boob Oscillator 6:36
9Mountain 4:05
10Revox 4:14
11French Disko 3:35
12Exploding Head Movie 4:48
13Eloge D’Eros 3:52
14Tone Burst [Country] 2:12
15Animal Or Vegetable [A Wonderful Wooden Reason...] [Crumb Duck] 13:31
16John Cage Bubblegum 3:18
17Sadistic 2:36
18Farfisa 2:23
19Tempter 5:53
20Pop Quiz 4:19
21The Extension Trip 3:43
22How To Play Your Internal Organs Overnight 3:58
23The Brush Descends The Length 3:08
24Melochord Seventy-Five 3:39
25Space Moment 4:20
26Iron Man 3:27
27The Long Hair Of Death 4:48
28You Used To Call Me Sadness 4:00
29New Orthophony 6:26
30Speedy Car 5:00
31Golden Atoms 5:18
32Ulan Bator 3:14
33One Small Step 4:17
34One Note Samba Surfboard 9:09
35Cadriopo 3:09
36Klang Tone 5:35
37Get Carter 3:23
381000 Miles An Hour 4:31
39Percolations 3:22
40Seeperbold 5:08
41Check And Double Check 4:03
42Munich Madness 3:48
43Metronomic Underground 7:51
44The Incredible He Woman 3:32
45Outer Bongolia 9:29
46Intervals 4:38
47Barock-Plastic 3:17
48Nomus Et Phusis 4:23
49I Feel The Air {Of Another Planet} 8:12
50Household Names 3:43
51Retrograde Mirror Form 6:45
52Solar Throw-Away 3:06
53Pandora's Box Of Worms 2:16
54L'exotisme Interieur 3:23
55The Super It 3:51
56Jump Drive Shut-Out 2:43
57Explosante Fixe 4:25
58Fried Monkey Eggs [Instrumental version] 2:08
59Monkey Jelly 1:54
60B.U.A 4:51
61Free Witch and No Bra Queen 4:44
62Heavy Denim Loop Pt 2 2:54
63Variation One 4:01
64Monkey Jelly [Beats] 1:53
65Dimension M2 4:03
66Solar Throw-Away 3:59
67Calimero 6:25
68Fried Monkey Eggs [Vocal] 2:08
69Speck Voice 5:01
70Simple Headphone Mind 10:46
71Trippin' With The Birds 21:01
72Robot Riot 2:56
73Spool Of Collusion 2:13
74Symbolic Logic Of Now! 4:05
75Forensic Itch 3:06
76ABC 5:16
77Magne-Music 3:53
78Blaue Milch 4:58
79Yes Sir! I Can Moogie 1:03
80Plastic Mile 6:34
81Refractions In The Plastic Pulse [Feebate Mix] - Autechre Remix 7:51
82Unity Purity Occasional 2:18
83The Nth Degrees 4:14
84XXXOOO 1:10
85Cybele’s Reverie [Live at the Hollywood Bowl] 5:47

An anthology boxset that compiles all five volumes of the Stereolab »Switched On« series: 94 non-album tracks and sought after deep cuts by the group. All the tracks have been remastered from the original tapes in recent years, personally overseen by Tim Gane of the band at Calyx in Berlin.

The series was launched in 1992 as a way for Stereolab to compile their many non-album tracks from one-off singles, split releases, compilation appearances, art installation commissions and more. Over the course of five volumes, the series has documented some of their best loved and most popular tracks as well as fan favourites and intriguing deep cuts. The series concluded in 2022.

All the tracks have been remastered from the original tapes in recent years, personally overseen by Tim Gane of the band at Calyx in Berlin.