Various Artists
Jimmy Draht
Includes Instant Download
CS Box Set
Jimmy Draht 8
Hand-printed silkscreen book, 10x22 cm, 2x16 pages
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1A Happy Return – Truth to spangle 2:41
2Theresa Loibl – Kranballett 3:50
3F.S.Blumm – We Shouldn't Have Stopped 2:39
4Saroos – Lanterns (1115 Remix)2:35
5Cosmic Neighbourhood – Harbinger 3:19
6Esperando a Florian – Pararrayos 5:26
7Kiriko Kawamatsu – Dalma's eye 1:40
8Christophe Petchanatz – Joli comme un mensonge 5:49
9F.S.Blumm – Jimmy Draht Comes To Town 2:02
10Tsuby – Sea Song 2:32
11Joasihno – Meditation Emit 2:11
12Esperando a Florian – Inside the TV 2:42
13Rayon – Cruel Miracles 3:56

»Glitzerbox« is a handprinted silkscreen book plus audio tape, featuring graphics and illustration combined with a collection of sonic gems, compiled by the silksceen studio Jimmy Draht and Markus Acher of The Notwist. The first release of this new series is a glittering treasure box of artistic ideas in a limited edition of 200 copies.

Featured artists: Music – a C42 audio cassette with A Happy Return, Christophe Petchanatz, Cosmic Neighbourhood, Esperando a Florian, F.S.Blumm, Joasihno, Kiriko Kawamatsu, rayon, Saroos, Theresa Loibl, Tsuby.

Art – 4-colour silkscreen, on 32 double-book pages with Aimée Henderson, ATAK, Cosmic Neighbourhood, CX Huth, F.S.Blumm, Katja Huber (poem), Marion Epp, Marion Jdanoff, Paula Heinrich, Roland Barth.

With »Glitzerbox«, the Jimmy Draht tradition of a cross-genre collective approach of "creating something new together" is being taken up again – this time in cooperation with the Weilheim-based Alien Transistor label – to leave small glittering stars of DIY-releases in the musical and visual galaxy.

Since the late 90s Jimmy Draht publishes elaborately designed music-graphic-comic-text hybrids, most of them handmade and screenprinted. Initiated by Marion Epp, often in cooperation with a music label, artists from various genres are invited to participate. Each release is accompanied by exhibitions and music events.

Bands such as Calexico, The Notwist, Lali Puna, Neoangin, Pram, Otomo Yoshihide, A Million Mercies, Ted Milton, MS John Soda, Schwermut Forrest, Tied & Tickled Trio have participated (to name a few).

In terms of design we were lucky to showcase the works of ATAK, Anna Sommer, Knust, CX Huth, Katz & Goldt, Judith Zaugg, Thomas Ott, Jochen Gerner, Martin tom Dieck, Nadine Spengler/Pipifax, Jim Avignon, Le Denier Cri, Elvisstudio and many more.