Klara Lewis
Editions Mego
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1View 4:35
2Twist 3:20
3Too 5:08
4Else 2:25
5Want 4:01
6Beaming 6:43
7Once 5:42
8Try 2:24
9Us 3:28

Klara Lewis' 2nd album is a subtle, but very unique work of "blurred rhythms and haunted backdrops." A quit album, but no ambient at all. Klara Lewis music lends more from early 80s tape music, while never copying pre-laptop sound aesthetics or a certain darkness. Instead, 'Too' has an analytic approach with an underlying pop sensibility. Highly recommended listen!

Following her acclaimed debut ‘Ett’ (Editions Mego) and the subsequent Msuic EP (Peder Mannerfelt) Editions Mego is very proud to present the second full length lp by Klara Lewis.

Lewis’ skill at sculpting the hermetic shines on Too as she twists her idiosyncratic vision into nine tracks of blurred rhythms and haunted backdrops. Too is a powerful statement where the individual works tread a vast landscape as dour and aggressive elements rub shoulders with warmer optimistic works. Neither looking behind nor forward these works spiral in a time of their own devising, presenting themselves as a most audacious theatre for the ear. With a strong momentum developed from an organic outset the works move into a logic of their own, forming themselves as abstract landscapes, jitered rhythms and even pop like structures.

Too is a deeply engaging display of sound and skewered sensibility which hovers the cusp of reason and eludes the concrete. The results are Lewis’ boldest statement to date.