Mouse on Mars
Thrill Jockey
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1Auto Orchestra 3:07
2Owai 9:21
3Chromantic 5:59
4Pegel Gesetzi 10:00
5Rompatrouille 6:56
61001 7:09
7Subnubus 9:34

Shortly after the release of the dance/ pop/ electronic juggernaut Autoditacker, Mouse on Mars issued a sixty-minute album called Instrumentals. Composed between 1995 and 1997 and released exclusively on vinyl, the limited pressing of 1300 copies flew off the shelves and three years after the fact, Instrumentals remains out of print.

Hot off the trail of the massive success of February 2000's Niun Niggung and the subsequent U.S. tour, Mouse on Mars wanted to quench the insatiable thirst of MOM fans nationwide. Thrill Jockey is taking steps in the national relief effort with the re- release of the sought-after Instrumentals album on CD.

Instrumentals is assorted sonic and psychic electronic particles bursting and inflating, overlapping and elevating. Each composition is deceptively complicated, consistently engaging and irrefutably danceable. The thralls and trills of Instrumentals are both a direct and indirect nod to the flavor of Peter Thomas compositions ("Rompatroullie"), and the album itself remains an important chapter in the quest to create an organic electronica.

It's your favorite Mouse on Mars release, now on CD! Sound without bounds, details without regrets! Mouse on Mars has been called the Parliament/Funkadelic of the new millennium, and who are we to argue?