Editions Mego
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1Diamonds 7:34
2Antidote 5:34
3Corridor 5:18
4Pink Eye 6:14
5Alto Velocidad 6:11
6Deep Shelter 5:26
7Destination : Infinity 4:18
8Asteroid Dust 14:33

Editions Mego presents the first release of a brand new project from JG Thirlwell. Recorded at Self Immolation studios, Brooklyn. This is Xordox.

Xordox orbits a universe inhabited by darkness, wit, mystery adventure and experimentation. The cinematic quality that exudes from Thirlwell’s bent being presents itself in Neospection; unlike Thirlwell’s other works this is predominantly a synthesizer record, including recording sessions from his residency at the legendary EMS studios in Stockholm. Sarah Lipstate (aka Noveller) plays her super-processed soundscape guitar on three of the tracks on the album, and additional mixing took place at Lazer Sound studios with Al Carlson (who works extensively with Oneohtrix Point Never).


Diamond circulating swells
Sequenced stealth sci-fi
Malleable membrane matters
Wild fabric electronic
Heart eaten beat
Fruits of fear and exhilaration.
Neospection is neon noir.
Neospection is ere 4 yor. Xordox arrives as unexpected and remote as any alien encounter but security lies in the cosmic drama and dark shadows that seep throughout Thirlwell’s soul. In this, 2017 we once again enter the mind and world of one man who refuses to play along with anyone’s game but the idiosyncratic one of his own devising.