Pianeti Sintetici
Space Opera
Astral Industries
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1Part One
2Part Two

Pianeti Sintetici presents AI-37, entitled »Space Opera«. Conceived by Italian artist Davide Perrone, the Pianeti Sintetici ("Synthetic Planets") project hypothesises the creation of future synthetic worlds as told through sound. Although split across two parts, the album is a singular organism that narrates a journey of boundless cosmic exploration. A sonic tapestry woven of intergalactic atmospheres, Space Opera's imaginative sound design contributes to a richly spatial and haptic experience.

Taking place in the dimly lit crevices of deepest space, a swirling pool of chemical abstractions and extraterrestrial transmissions spumes out from the darkness. Elements weave through broad washes of drones and scintillating textures, contrasting a sparse backdrop with dense and multilayered passages. Composed with the use of modular synthesisers and intense audio manipulations, 'Space Opera' comes to life as an entity that transports the listener on an immersive journey into the mysteries of alien worlds.