Grey With Breaks
Suction Records
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Edition of 400 copies
Incl. 10 bonus tracks
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  • CD
  • LP
1C100 5:46
2Pooling 6:25
3Saunter 3:50
4The 7th 3:16
5DEP5 Theme 1:57
6Mostly Cloudy 4:43
7Moth 5:05
8Someone Promised Answers 3:15
9End Credits 4:17
10Arp 294ms 4:50
11Mv37 3:36
12Study For ARP And Other Synthesizers 2:59
13Favourable Reports 4:06
14Hypersensitivity 3:42
15Blood 3:00
16Dead Specimen 3:49
17Scarborough Brutalist 5:12
18Hello Tinnitus 3:52
19A Little Thing Gets By 4:34

After a recent, acclaimed EP on Madrid’s Analogical Force label, Suction Records announces “Grey With Breaks,” the 8th full-length album by Lowfish. The electro veteran, who’s been programming 808s since the early ‘90s, returns to Suction Records, the label he co-founded and debuted on in 1997. “Grey With Breaks” is an electro record, with thick analog basslines and TR-808 boom tschak front & centre, but Lowfish’s electro-style stands out from the pack. Not only is the LP devoid of the Drexciya/Dopplereffekt worship that permeates the scene these days, it also rarely hits above 110bpm, oozing with melancholic melody.

The 9-track vinyl LP comes housed in a reverse-board jacket, and is limited to 400 copies. The CD, in a reverse-board digipak, is expanded to 19 tracks, adding previously-vinyl-only cuts from past Suction Records singles and EPs “Hello Tinnitus” (suction023), “C.D.S.N.” (suction038), and “Hypersensitivity” (suction046).