Georgia + Dove
Air from Air
EM Records
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107 09 1521 - Heat Of The Cheek
210 10 2002 - Your Feet
330 07 1845 - This Is Bee Wine
413 02 2078 - Im Looking Down At Me Sinking
526 01 1981 - Floats
601 08 1940 - One Stories
725 12 1892 - Stormy Vacation

The poetry of the human voice encounters the magic of contemporary electronic musical technology. Heart, mind and spirit, conveyed by the word, are augmented and altered, enhanced and embraced, by electronic sound. “Air from Air” is a collaboration between Japanese vocalist/producer Dove and American electronic duo Georgia. This singular partnership is a collection of audio poems in which words breathed by Dove are modified and expanded, cradled and celebrated, syllable by syllable and phrase by phrase. Georgia thoughtfully highlight Dove’s voice, transforming breath and air through the ether of circuitry, dismantling meaning, yet paradoxically revealing new meaning, both verbal and musical. Part of the magic here is that Japanese-speaking listeners will find clouds and constellations of meaning in these atmospheres, while those who do not understand Dove’s native language will nevertheless find pure pleasure in these same atmospheres. While some listeners may perceive it as a brand new extension of the attempts of contemporary music pioneers to explore the possibilities of human voice sound in sound art and electronic music, “Air from Air” will be rather a foray into the unexplored territory of new music, yet difficult to be named, extended into modern bass music and other fields.