Various Artists
En el fin del mundo, hasta el fin del mundo Vol. 1
EMA Records
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1Pita – DS Complete 6:36
2Trimex Collective – Cada año habrá menos palabras 7:16
3Retribution Body – Forest Path 8:19
4Abul Mogard – To drown out the ocean 11:00
5Cacciuttolo – Espejo para alondras 7:20
6Pan American – April 27 '63 4:17

Year is 2020, in the middle of the pandemic outbreak, “En el fin del mundo, hasta el fin del mundo” (In the end of the world, until the end of the world) is the first production of the Chilean label EMA Records, including local and international artists, active in different musical fields (improv, post rock, electronica, ambient, etc).

The structure and artist selection of “En el fin del mundo, hasta el fin del mundo” has the intention of capturing/expressing the Chilean geography from a soundscape perspective, related to the country's remote geophysical location, submerged in a new gloomy reality, the pandemics. This little exercise was somehow the starting point for each artist to develop their tracks, without any particular disclaimer or artistic restriction. All tracks on the compilation have been previously unreleased by each project, then first came out digitally and now - finally - on vinyl.

The complete compilation (21 tracks) will be released on 3 separate vinyl albums. The first LP is featuring tracks by Pita, Abul Mogard, Pan American and others.